Statins or sunshine for bone health?

Bone Health and Osteoporosis

Over the last few decades, since 'healthy eating' was introduced, the numbers of cases of osteoporosis have really rocketed as have other bone conditions such as osteomalacia and rickets. The cause is undoubtedly down to current health advice about fibre intakes. Bone health seems to be improved by taking statins.

"Statins also have an effect on bone, and women who take statins have a greater bone density than those who do not."[1] says a study from 2000.

As bone healh and osteoporosis have nothing to do with cholesterol levels, the question is: Why should a statin, whose supposed job is to lower cholesterol levels, have such an effect on the health of our bones?

Vitamin D

It is well known that vitamin D is essential for bone health, and as people have been told to avoid sunlight, or to cover up when they go into the sun, this is another major cause of the increase in osteoporosis and other bone diseases. For example:

A survey of elderly patients with osteomalacia showed more than half had very low levels of vitamin D.[2]

Hip fractures in postmenopausal women are usually attributed to osteoporosis. However, only a quarter of the women tested had osteoporosis.[3] Women who with broken hips had lower levels of Vitamin D.

As we know, statins are analogues of vitamin D.[4]

So advising people to keep out of the sun damages their bones; supplementing with statins helps to save the bone. This is yet another case where Nature is sacrificed for the sake of pharmacy.

Answer: DO go out in the sun; DON'T take statins.


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Last updated: December 9, 2011