Sunshine and coronary heart disease

Part 4: Cholesterol-lowering statins and vitamin D

The results of studies in this area show very clearly and consistently that we are in the midst of an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency of immense proportions.

Study after study of nursing home populations, of nursing mothers, of healthy male and female volunteers and of various children's groups have consistently documented that optimal levels of Vitamin D are very rarely found.


Now consider the impact of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Vitamin D is manufactured directly out of cholesterol.

Cholesterol must be available in our bodies in amounts sufficient to allow UVB conversion to vitamin D.

We are all genetically blessed with a natural level of cholesterol. The natural level for one person may be completely inadequate for another. Yet we dump cholesterol-lowering statins into the population indiscriminately in a misguided attempt to bring everyone's natural level of cholesterol down to some artificially low level.

I cannot think of anything more likely to aggravate our already immensely unhealthy, vitamin D deficient state.


The evidence, of which the information on this website is but a small part, is overwhelming: all around the world, the sunnier the climate, and the higher the altitude, the more people uncover and go into the sun, the more vitamin D there is in blood, the less heart disease there is.

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Last updated: December 9, 2011