Saturated fat and coronary heart disease

Part 6: Conclusion

It is quite clear from both epidemiological studies and over half a century of clinical trials that saturated fats — particularly the traditional animal fats and tropical oils are not at all hazardous to our health.

During our whole existence as a species on this planet we have eaten the fats that we are now told are 'unhealthy'. It was only after artificial fats in the form of margarines were invented at the end of the 19th century that coronary heart disease 'took off' in the industrialised world.

Later, after the advent of 'healthy eating', when we switched to the 'healthy' polyunsaturated vegetable margarines and cooking oils, other diseases such as cancer increased alarmingly.

We really need to go back to eating a natural diet. That includes: animal fat, butter, cream, full-fat cheeses, egg yolks, and coconut and palm oils.

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Last updated: December 9, 2011